Sep. 12th, 2007

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Today you are born

A new life full of promise

And hope

I smile to think of all you will learn

I wonder who you will grow to be

 No matter the person you become

Dear one

 there is no question

You will become someone

Truly special

 for you are

 truly loved


You may wonder how I know

The truth dear one is it’s easy to tell

All you have to do is be quiet
 watch and listen

 For it is all around you


The love is there in your mother’s smile every time

 She thinks or speaks of you

As real and vibrant now as the first time

when she told me you

were coming

a glow  lighting her from within


It’s there in your father’s eyes

every time he looks at your mom

it’s there in the way they can’t help but touch

from time to time

There is so much love between them

It takes my breath away


And already their love is growing

Reaching out

To you

Holding you safe and warm.


It’s in the happiness of your family and friends

In the excitement in all of us as we wait for you

A new grandchild, or cousin or niece or nephew or friend of our very own

To play and laugh with


You will learn to see and feel it too

The love your parents and family have for you

Will always be around you

A part of you

In every look, in very laugh

In every kiss or hug


Even in anger or tears

Yes dear one even then

 love will be there too.


And you will grow in every way

Secure in yourself

And in the knowledge

They you love and are loved in return

This is the greatest of gifts


Now you know the secret

You know love is everywhere

All around you

Inside and out

All you have to do is look

Inside your heart

And you will have reason

To doubt

you will know

forever and always

You are LOVED


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