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The dial tone buzzed in her ear
the phone all but forgotten in her hand
not for the first time
she reflected on the powerof words
to rejuvinate to heal
to hurt and to destroy
words used to sooothe
or weilded like a weapon
even more damaging when used

She had learned
one has to be careful
often when people use words 
they don't say what they mean or really mean what they say
isn't that how the saying goes? clique but true

She thought she had learned not to believe his lies
or is it really a lie when the person believes that what they say is true ?
in the moment the words are well intentioned
true and sincere 
in the heat of the moment
they shine with feeling
with meaning

yet to her ears they soon ring false
for she knows in her heart that later
his words will become
brittle things
blown away on the breeze as unsubstantial as ever 
a promise broken
a casualty of his good intentions and inattenton
 to anything other than
his needs his wants 

and yet this time she had almost believed
she curses her own weakeneses 
her need to be loved and accepted
overcoming her common sense
she had fallen in the trap once again

already she sees the signs so clear
he begins to grow tired yet again
she can never be what he wants not for long
she knows to be what he wants is to destroy her sense of self
But she won't walk away
she can't

trapped in a cage
that he created
but that she herself keeps locked
she waits
he will call back
his anger fading away
he'll come back
she will force herself to forget
his cruelty and her pain
she will choose to believe his words of love 
She always does 

Thank you!!

Date: 2007-11-07 04:30 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I see you are a very thoughtful person with all these introspective poems. Thank you so much for your comment about His Beautiful Samurai. Made my day! I appreciate it very much. A week from Wednesday I'm going to participate in the class's discussion of the book. I'm really looking forward to it. BTW - the sequel came out in September -Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger. Take care! Sedonia


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