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Dear Secret Santa,

Sorry this is so late. Thanks so much for writing me a story for Christmas.
First off I’m fine with either a gen or a slash fic. I really like Tim and Tony or Palmer and Tony as friends. Gibbs/DiNozzo is always a good bet in any iteration, friends, lovers, family, but I’m open to any of the chosen pairings. Jimmy/Tony would be a new experience. Tony is my favorite character, and I’d really like Tony to me a main character in the story.

In addition to what I wrote in my sign up, I like Aus of any type, crossovers, and case fics. I really enjoy competent Tony and the characters acting in a thoughtful and mature manner. I also really like romance in my stories when possible. I like all the characters except for Ziva but Ducky is ­my favorite after Gibbs and Tony.  I also really like Dwayne Pride form New Orleans a lot.

I’m not opposed to Tony or Gibbs in a het relationship but please no Tiva.  I’ve already listed all my triggers and that list covers what I really dislike.  I don’t mind light whump but it isn’t my favorite. I find nonlinear stories hard to read. I don’t mind if one of the characters acts like a jerk, but I’d like them to get called on it, and not in the main pairing please.

Thank you so much.
Merry Christmas


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